How to use Social Media to your Advantage

Are you addicted to social media? Take the time to think about all the social apps you currently have on your cellphone and how many times you open those apps on a daily basis. Do you feel tempted to post or are you a lurker? Maybe you’re a bit of both. Do you constantly scroll down your Facebook newsfeed and see the same people talking about the same old things but yet still read? Do you find memes oddly satisfying?  You may even be at the point where you click into social media apps purely out of habit which is what I like to call: social media withdrawls. If you’ve answered yes to some or all of those questions this is the perfect post for you!

I believe social media can be both good and bad depending on how you utilize it. There are many people today that have achieved tremendous success from social media by using it to their advantage. Some of the most popular social media sites today include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and Tumblr just to name a few. The world is changing and social media is becoming  a major platform  Here is my list of the top 5 ways to utilize social media to your advantage.

Top 5 ways to Utilize Social Media

  1. Market your Business – If you’re an entrepreneur using social media is a great way to advertise your business. You’ll be able to reach out to a significantly larger audience to attract potential customers.
  2. Network with Professionals. Social media is a great way to find professionals in your field of interest. LinkedIn is a great site to help accomplish this.
  3. Use for Inspiration & Motivation – This can be effective when you filter who you follow on social media. (I recommend creating a separate account from the one you follow friends and family on. I will discuss more about this on a later post). Following people who both inspire and motivate you to accomplish your own goals will lead you to take action which will eventually lead to results.
  4. Display your talents  YouTube is a great example for this one. So many people have been discovered through social media. All it takes is someone that can take your career to the next level to notice you and see your potential. Many have been able to make a career doing what they love.
  5. Learn & Discover – You can actually learn quite a lot on social media. Pinterest is a great example. So many pages are dedicated to sharing tips and ideas for others to use. Even on YouTube there are tons of educational videos that you can watch and later apply to your every day life.

Social media can be beneficial when you utilize it to your advantage. I used to believe that social media was a huge distraction and even went as far as deleting all my social media apps at one point. Later on I realized I was just using it wrong. A good friend of mine told me “If you have to delete your social media that shows it has power over you”. I realized in a way he was right I literally had to delete them so I wouldn’t click into the apps it was really bad. Thankfully now I don’t have that problem. I do believe there are benefits of not using social media however; I learned a lot during my social media fast which I’ll discuss in a later post. Ultimately it all depends on your perspective. Are you the one who sees the cup half empty or half full?

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5 thoughts on “How to use Social Media to your Advantage

  1. motgpr2014 says:

    Good article. Definitely makes sense. Social media is good and bad, depending upon how we use it. Love your friends quote “If you have to delete your social media that shows it has power over you”.” Makes sense. If I feel to consumed, I will step away & return when I have time. Be blessed, keep writing

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