Learn to be Happy Alone First

Learn to be happy alone first. One thing that I have learned throughout life is not to rush love. Often times we rush into relationships because we do not want to be lonely or fear being alone. It’s great to date and to get out and meet new people but I personally don’t believe you should do so in order to fill a void. So many people go out and search for “their other half” in order to feel complete; however you shouldn’t look for someone to complete you, you need to already feel whole. Only when you love yourself completely will you then understand the love you deserve. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be willing to accept or not tolerate based on the love you have for yourself.

Stop Trying to Paint a Different Picture

When you love yourself completely you won’t settle with just anyone just to say you have someone. I know so many people who stay in unhealthy relationships because they do not want to be alone. My mother once said “If someone continues to show you their true colors, stop trying to paint a different picture”. If your partner constantly cheats on you time after time again but yet you continue to stay with them that’s not love. If you’re in an abusive relationship it’s time to leave, this doesn’t only include the physical but psychological abuse as well.

So many people put in so much more than what they actually get in return. Most people say relationships should be at least 50/50, meaning you give in at least 50 percent and your partner gives in at least 50 percent. I disagree with this however and believe both you and your partner should put in 100 percent each to make it work.  Why? like the popular saying goes “When you put in half the work, you get half ass results” that goes for anything in life, you should always put in your best effort

When is the right time? 

When you aren’t self reliant on someone else to bring you happiness, you’re perfectly content with being alone and you do not necessarily NEED someone I believe that’s how you know you’re ready for a relationship. If you’re stressed or depressed because you’re single spend this time to discover who you are alone. Work on becoming the best version of yourself to become a happier you.  When you reach this point sharing the life you already enjoy with someone else will be much more fulfilling. Find a partner that doesn’t necessarily need you, but wants you. There is a difference. I believe loving yourself is a vital step in knowing how to provide love to someone else. Take the time to think about it.

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2 thoughts on “Learn to be Happy Alone First

  1. Tina says:

    If you know how to live alone or better said, with yourself, you become much aware of what you want. In life, in partners,… But, I think you still have to watch that you don’t distance yourself from others too much, which can also be a problem 🙂

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